Equotes is an easy to use Website that
guides users step-by-step through the process of:

  • Selecting potential Suppliers based on relevant credentials.
  • Requesting a quote from Suppliers.
  • Assessing quotes received and deciding
    on the successful supplier.
  • Providing feedback to all suppliers involved
    in the process.

User-friendly and Efficient

eQuotes is a simple, easy-to-use tool designed for use
by individuals with a broad range of skills and technical
backgrounds. The tool prompts users at each step
and describes the information that needs to be entered.


Access for everyone


Equotes gives everyone the ability to quote on open quote
requests. The tool provides Local Government staff
direct access to Contractors, including
being able to view company profiles, insurances
and contact details. Relevant contract information
such as Contract Summaries and Conditions of Contract
are also available within Equotes.

For more information about Equotes, or to organise
a Council visit and demonstration, please contact:
Paul W
Tel: (08) 9583 4070
Email: Paulw@spyker.net.au
For general Equotes support and advice, contact:
Equotes Support
Tel: (08) 9583 4070
Email: equotes@Spyker.net.au